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Backwoods Camping – The hills beckon

Backwoods is an adventure travel concern that puts tourists first. From providing best-in-class services to keeping concern for the environment. Above everything all, we realize the importance of quality over quantity.

The brainchild and passionate occupation of a local resident with over 15 years experience in the field of adventure sports, Backwoods operates..

Backwoods Holiday is looked after by a team of expert mountaineers, Skiers, Management experts and known faces from the fields of water, snow and air adventure sports headed by Vikas Kumar Dorje, an adventure sports tourist guide and denizen of Manali in Kullu valley. Vikas Kumar grew up braving the gusty winds and sub zero temperatures roaming free in its valleys and meadows and getting up daily with a dream to bring to the eyes of the world the real beauty of the place called Abode to Gods.



In Western Himalayas Himachal and Leh-Ladakh region offer an incredibly varied landscape of mountains, valleys, lakes, glaciers and rivers, and these are best enjoyed on foot. For those with a passion for walking and trekking, or simply those with an extra taste for adventure, our walking holidays are the perfect choice. Favourite activity on tour, the walks and treks are in the area of valley of Gods Kullu, the middle country Spiti, and in the land of monasteries’ Leh-Ladakh.

There is truly no more inspiring, exhilarating and rewarding way to experience some of the most captivating and wondrous areas of this sub continent India. So much so, we decided to design complete walking tours around them.

Hamta Pass Trek

One of the most delightful treks in the Manali region affording views of lush green valleys, towering snow clad mountains and barren hills with surrealistic forms and shapes. Excellent for the trekker who is reasonably fit. Leaving the Manali valley, the trek proceeds through evergreen cool forests of walnut, oak and pine. The views of the entire Kullu valley are excellent and are glimpsed all along the trail. Once atop the Hamta Pass (4200m.) then it is into The Chandra valley of Lahaul & Spiti district where barren towering mountains rise above lush green fields of potato and barley. And once atop of the Rohtang Pass (3970m.) another spectacular panorama of peaks appears in to the Lahaul valley and also one can have a dazzling view of luminous vale of the Manali valley. An unforgettable trek, known to very few trekkers.

SEASON: July to Mid October
MAX. ALTITUDE: (4270m.)
NO.OF DAYS: 05Days
GRADE: Moderate



Day 01: Manali/ Prini – Panduropa (2700 m) 4 hours.
Drive 3 km from Manali to Prini and Trek to camp with 2-3 hrs on the steepest section at the start . on the way there is Sethan village which is occupied by a horse people’s community those who came from Spiti & Kinnaur many years ago, known as a Khampas (gypsy community) and we finally reach the campsite Panduropa amidst Silver fir trees. Overnight in camp.

Day 02: Panduropa — Juara (3530m) 5 hours
Today one has to cross mountain stream couple of time first to reach a beautiful camp site at Chhika which is just below a water fall. After that trail goes along the rushing river on the right side and rocky cliff on the left side. Just before the camp site at Juara one has to cross another small but rushing and cold stream .o/n in camp.

Day 03: Juara – Shea Gahru (3200m.) 6hrs
Over Hamta Pass (4270m.). The trail now begins to ascend towards the mighty Hamta Pass (4270m.) and one can have close views of Deo Tibba and fabled Indrasan peaks. After that it is all the way descend down in a zigzag right to the campsite Shea Gahru. Shea Gahro means a very cold place because it is very adjacent to the glacier snout. o/n in camp.

Day 04: Shea Gahru – Chhatru (3360m.) 3hrs
Today’s walk is quite easy along the river. The massive mountains of the Pir Panjal and Spiti ranges dominate the entire landscape till the campsite at Chhatru. Chhatru is a confluence point via Rohtang Pass, Hamta Pass and Spiti. overnight camp at Chhatru.

Day 05: Chhatru – Manali drive.
Today is 5 hrs drive to Manali from Chhatru .
At Rohtang Pass (3970m.)one can have a another spectacular panorama of peaks appears in to the Lahaul valley and also one can have a dazzling view of luminous vale of the Manali valley.

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